My Story

When I dance, I am free. When I teach it's the only place I feel comfortable being my energetic, happy self. I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I grew up involved in music and performing arts.  The passion I have for dance is deep in my soul. I am a firm believer that music and dance can enrich, and change the lives of everyone who lets it.  After my first Zumba® class, I was determined to spread the word and inspire others like myself to get up, get out, and get moving!   
My life has been forever changed. Not only has my body transformed, I lost a stubborn 70 pounds, my personal happiness and self esteem improved.  I am a “real life” example that this truly works.  Come check out a class! Lets dance and sweat to world rhythms and feel the energy it brings!
I've been dedicated to healthy living and fitness since my first class back in 2010. Unknowingly, I embarked on a journey, that lead to my career and life focus and overall purpose. I strive to gain more certifications and trainings each and every year I continue to grow my business. In 2013 I completed my U-Jam instructor workshop, becoming Seattle’s first U-jam Fitness®instructor. By late 2014 I gained employment with 24 hour fitness, and the YMCA of greater Seattle. I’ve begun to expand my fitness resume beyond dance fitness to coach and facilitate weight lost programs at the Y and recently became an aqua fitness instructor. My future plans involve acquiring mypersonal training certification and license and continue to gain experience healthy lifestyle coaching and diabetes prevention in young adults.
I treasure the connections I’ve made. This business is so rewarding in not that I’m inspiring to others, but that I am inspiredby them. I get to witness the power and capability of the human spirit. I’m lucky to have that and share that with my students, colleagues, fit fam and friends. Not everyone is going to connect every time and we all have our favorite instructors and fitness leaders. I believe my classes show my love and passion for this. And for those who can see that, are happy students and can say I give good class.
Join me and lets create a journey to let your light shine within, whatever your reason is to begin your commitment to health and fitness.